For a Better Cambridge (FABC) was started by a group of Galt residents concerned about the state of our downtown core. Since our formation in the spring of 2017 we have learned a great deal about the complexity of the issues contributing to the well-being of Cambridge as a whole. We have also learned that we can help shape the future of Cambridge by closely working with our elected officials, city administrators, law enforcement and social service agencies.

Our group’s focus and future direction has been evolving. Because we have not been able to develop consensus around a single path forward, we regretfully announce that For a Better Cambridge has been dissolved. However, we are also excited to announce that the members of our Management Committee have established two new and unique organizations dedicated to expanding the important work we have been doing on behalf of our community.

You can learn more about these new entities by continuing to read below and following the links provided. We encourage you to support one or both groups. Note that your current subscription to For A Better Cambridge will be discontinued.

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Citizens for Cambridge

Founders: Dan Clements, Jayne Herring, Bob Howison, Bill Kirby, Keith Rivers, Randy Sa'd

Citizens for Cambridge is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to harnessing the passion, ingenuity and commitment of Cambridge citizens to support the development of a better community for all.

Our approach to contributing to community development is based on four key pillars:

Knowledge: We develop as highly informed a perspective as possible by acquiring evidence-based data, the input of credible experts, reliable case studies and other relevant information.

Relationships: We aim to understand the unique role, interests and concerns of each organization and group involved and attempt to build cooperative relationships with all.

Collaboration: We partner with decision makers, bring together relevant stakeholder groups and facilitate working together to smartly solve problems with the entire community in mind.

Innovation: We challenge the way things are done and focus on developing innovative solutions that will better satisfy growing community needs with the limited resources available.

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For more information, please visit our Website, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or send us an email.

Cambridge Safe and Strong

Founders: Kurt Ditner, Lynne Gaetz, Rick Hilborn, Joanne Malone, Murray Marshall, Angela Raposo, John Watson

We believe that Cambridge, with its natural beauty and three unique historic cores, should be one of Ontario’s most desirable cities. But our municipality currently faces many difficulties. Our group feels that Cambridge has the potential to thrive and prosper.

Our mandate is:

1. Working with appropriate agencies to improve the safety and security of Cambridge residents and businesses.

2. Working to make our downtown core areas and Cambridge as a whole cleaner, safer, more vibrant, and more welcoming to businesses, residents, and visitors.

3. Supporting Cambridge City Council to continue By-Law 55-18 and to use all other legal and peaceful efforts to prevent a Supervised Consumption Site (SCS), Consumption and Treatment Services (CTS), or similar site from being located in Cambridge’s core areas or any of its residential neighbourhoods.

4. Working to advance the “Icelandic model” to ensure that our youths have access to adequate sports facilities, swimming pools, etc.

5. Advocating for a more equitable distribution of shelter spaces and addiction and mental health support services across the entire region of Waterloo.

Cambridge needs citizen engagement to help tackle today's challenges and to make Cambridge safe and strong. Join us!

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Both of these new organizations need your support as we all continue to work for a better Cambridge.

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Thank you!

For A Better Cambridge