We are a grassroots movement of citizens and businesses who believe that we all must help with homelessness and drug addiction.
But we believe that this responsibility should be fairly shared by all municipalities in the Waterloo region.
We also seek solutions that will improve the safety and vitality of our downtown core and surrounding neighbourhoods.

We believe that a study of the current situation should be done before any relevant services expansion decisions are made. This study should have the following mandate:

1. examine what share of the burden for these social services is currently being borne by each Waterloo Region municipality.

2. examine how future expansion of these services can be controlled to ensure that each municipality in our region is bearing its fair share.

3. examine the current and future impact of these services on our downtown core areas and provide recommendations on how to provide these services while minimizing downtown core impact.

4. review area agencies that provide these services for a best practices assessment.

The task force working on this study should include appropriate individuals representing the region, each municipality, the downtown core areas and the public.

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