Community Outreach Task Force Sub-Committees
Sub-committees will be responsible for specific areas of focus to allow a more in-depth
discussion of potential issues and solutions contributing to the broader objectives:

Public Safety. Improved protection of property and safety for all residents and businesses within the core areas and the rest of the community;

Poverty, Homelessness, Mental Health and Addiction (Social). Improved interaction between the City, the Region of Waterloo and community-based support networks regarding the development and support of programs and initiatives pertaining to homelessness and the alleviation of drug abuse and mental health issues;

Resource Allocation, Advocacy, Communication and Engagement. The development of proactive lobbying efforts or senior levels of government to sustainably address the broader societal issues of adequacy of affordable housing, treatment of mental health and substance abuse. Improving communications, community consultation (including non-traditional outreach with vulnerable/at-risk members of the community) and public education.

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